Professional Saxophone Repair & Overhaul Services

Saxophones are complex mechanical devices. It relies on the ability of materials such as leather, cork & felt to properly seal toneholes and articulate key mechanisms. Unfortunately, these materials all compress and un-compress as time goes on. Sadly, many saxophones do not have even & stable surfaces for these materials to compress to, which results in uneven compression of the pads, corks & felts. Combine that with the fact that many technicians do not have the proper training to correct these issues and you quickly can realize the potential disaster in store for many saxophones!


Here at, we are well trained to correct the maladies of your horn. As an Official Selmer Paris Pro Shop, we have been recognized for our technical ability and understanding of how to get the most out of your sax!


We use only the best tooling, materials, pads & techniques so that your sax can play to the best of its ability - and in most cases, better than it was when it was brand new!

Summer Shut Down Notice - No Overhauls Until October!
During the summer, our shop is overwhelmed servicing the school repairs for Clark County School District. These repairs take up 90%+ of our repair capacity. As a result, we do not accept Overhauls during this time.
If you would like to get on our Overhaul Waiting List, please email us!

Saxophone Repair services
Special discounts on Accessories when bought with repair service!

But what if you want MORE out of your saxophone than simply re-padding it?
What if you wanted it BETTER than new?!

Playing Condition


Is your horn simply not playing right? Regardless of age or model, we can make it work right! Obviously, we need to see your sax before we can quote the repair. For local customers (Las Vegas), we recommend bringing your sax in. Many minor repairs can be done under our Minimum Service charge of $15 while quick fixes can sometimes be done free of charge.
Standard Hourly Rate: $60.00

New Horn pro Setup


Sadly, most people buy their sax from a store that either does not or cannot perform a proper setup on a new horn. While the sax can play, it doesn't play like it should. We can remedy this for you! Our New Horn Pro Setup will get your horn playing up to the caliber it should! This job is based on the time needed to setup the horn.
Average cost is $90-$120
Average time is 1-3 days

Minor Overhaul


The minor overhaul is great for that 10 year old sax that needs constant adjustment but isn't old enough to warrant a full repad. The minor overhaul involves replacing all of the upper stack pads, minor mechanical refit (as needed), complete chemical cleaning of the sax & silicone treatment of the lower stack pads.
Average cost is $275
Average time is 5-10 days

Student repad


Excellent for modern student saxes. This job does not include any mechanical refit or full cleaning and assumes that the sax was kept in relatively good condition. All new pads and full adjustment.
Average cost is $375
Average time is 10-14 days

standard overhaul


Complete overhaul using standard grade pads. Includes minor mechanical refitting of keys to posts, complete disassembly and cleaning, new corks & felts. Excellent for that horn that needs a lot of work but isn't a top teir pro horn.
Average cost is $700
Average time is 2 weeks

pro shop overhaul
Our Best Job!


This is the job that we are known best for. Turn's your vintage sax in to a horn with more power, more resonance, more stability and will absolutely BLOW you away!
Click Here to read more about this job and what it can do for your sax!
Starting cost is $1,500

Average time is 2-3 weeks

We can further optimize your saxes performance with optional necks, mouthpieces, ligatures and other accessories. Give us a call and we will gladly walk you through all of the options on your horn to get your ideal sound!