Theo Wanne - DURGA Tenor mouthpiece

Pro Design | CNC made by Theo Wanne | high baffle | True Large Chamber | special secondary bore

Sale: $775.00
Bundle with a repair & get $125 off!

Theo Wanne's mouthpieces are the single most impressively made mouthpieces in the world. The craftsmanship and uniqueness in his designs sets his mouthpieces apart from every other maker on the market. Granted, this doesn't mean that they are the best for the player, but it does speak to the special sound and performance that they give.

The DURGA is Theo's brightest and most powerful mouthpiece design. Featuring a high raised baffle that is masterfully transitioned into Theo's "True Large Chamber", this mouthpiece gives power, edge, projection & brilliance but without sacrificing tonal color and complexity like other high baffle mouthpieces do.

The DURGA design finishes with a transition from the large chamber into a special secondary bore ring that adds compression and velocity to the air column.

Includes Theo's "Liberty Ligature" with 2 different models of reed pressure plates, mouthpiece pouch, reed replacer cap & a set of special tools for the ligature placement.

All Theo Wanne mouthpieces are 100% made in the USA in Bellingham, Washington.